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Barn-house-Floor Barn-house Barn-house Barn house

Imagine living in a unique, spacious barn home!

You want to create your own unique living space, but you're worried about the cost of custom-built or pre-fabricated housing. You've got J & D Construction for the solution you've been searching for: a custom barn house! Starting with a durable metal structure, you'll then be able to customize your new, spacious home from the inside out.


Our work is WARRANTIED to give you unmatched confidence and long-term protection!

Tremendous options for a customized barn home

Completely customizable and built to your exact specifications, a barn house from J & D Dodd Construction puts you in control of your living space options. Get exactly the layout you're looking for by designing EVERY facet of the home to your family's needs!

The custom features you always wanted

 •  Flooring and ceiling options

 •  Open floor plans

 •  Flexible room dimensions and total rooms

 •  Custom barn structure

Get all your options for a new barn home

Fully customizable and built to you exact specifications, a barn house is a unique solution to your quest for the perfect home. Call J & D Dodd Construction LLC today at 940-393-3346 for a FREE estimate on the cost of your construction project!